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I never realized 

The female body is linked to beauty and all the expectations that come with it. Throughout visual history, the male view has dominated the perception of female beauty. This subjective notion is usually linked to culture and upbringing; despite globalization, beauty standards differ from place to place. These preferences are also subject to trends. This is a collection of the women I’ve met—their histories, their struggles, their acceptance.

What they had in common was a moment where they became suddenly aware of their bodies, when a grandmother or friend or sister pointed out a flaw they’d never seen. Women in their forties still remembered the specificity of childhood comments, even those seemingly offhand or well-intended. These anecdotes that we so often keep to ourselves are made visible and suddenly public for everyone to reflect upon.

Beside portraying a few friends and both of my grandmother, I posted a project description to many Facebook groups, and I was surprised at the volumes of women who responded.

This project is supposed to grow and to develop. If you have a story to share please feel free to contact me!

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